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Opening Day at Jaws

Shane Dorian claims an XXL barrel yesterday at Peahi. Primary swell conditions at the Pauwela station for October 9, 2012 show a building NW swell, which actually peaked overnight at 15 feet at 17 seconds and a maximum wave power of 169 kW/m.

Here’s another highlight reel of both days.

The swell is expected to drop through the remainder of the week, reaching more mortal-level wave heights by Friday.

Hawaii Surfing/

Makawao. After Hours. 2 a.m.

Be sure to stay tuned to the end of the video for a “visualization” exercise led by Mr. Wassel. Apparently it works too, because the wave he paddled into at Jaws has got to be the frontrunner for the XXL paddle award.

Below are the historical wave reports from January 4th, 2012. Looks like the swell conditions at the Pauwela station (@buoy51205) maxed out around 14 feet at 17 seconds.

Buoy 51205 - Pauwela, Maui, Hawaii