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Buoy 46012 - Half Moon Bay (Mavericks) Surf February 8, 2012

Here’s a look at the real-time wave reports from Half Moon Bay (@buoy46012) yesterday. Solid 15-second swell energy in the 12-15 foot range, spiriva overnight delivery. Generic spiriva, Throw some light winds into the mix and this is what you get.

Buoy Alarm is a resource for ocean enthusiasts and we’re very close to launching. If personalized real-time alarms, spiriva for sale, Cheap spiriva without prescription, access to historical surf conditions, and a detailed swell forecast interest you, buy cheap spiriva internet, Lowest price for spiriva, we encourage you to join our invite list.

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Buy brahmi without prescription, Sion Milosky tragically drown on Wednesday while surfing Mavericks, after falling on a set wave and suffering a two-wave hold down. Chris Killen, best price for brahmi, Buy brahmi on internet, a videographer who witnessed Sion’s final wave, published a chilling account of the wipeout and the events that followed it, order brahmi from us. Buying generic brahmi, It is utterly heartbreaking to read.

I last saw Sion at my house about a week ago. He was cooking his very first turkey and stopped by to grab fresh herbs from the garden, buy cheap brahmi internet. Cheap brahmi from usa, We chatted about the buoys, then I asked him if he’d be interested in holding onto my paddleboard after I moved to California, brahmi online review. I couldn’t think of a better person to give it to, buy brahmi without prescription. Brahmi buy drug, We had talked about doing the Molokai race last year, but there are a lot of logistics involved, generic brahmi cheap, Brahmi pharmacy online, and we didn’t pull it together in time. I figured this year he’d at least have a board, brahmi online, Order brahmi cheap online, so he could train and do the shorter races, then be ready for a relay or even solo Molokai attempt, find brahmi. Order cheap brahmi online, He was psyched on the idea.

This morning I grabbed the paddleboard from where it was stored and brought it to the house, so it would be ready for Si to pick up during his next visit, cheap brahmi without prescription. Brahmi online sale, By this evening it had become an eerie sight in the backyard and a stark reality check. Buy brahmi without prescription, As surfers continue to push the limits of both their skill and equipment, the risks continue to escalate as well. The ocean has a knack for humbling even the most confident watermen, canadian pharmacy brahmi. Brahmi pills, Most end up battered and bruised with a crazy story to share, or a “greatest wipeouts” profile on Surfline, brahmi for sale. Buy brahmi overnight delivery, The unfortunate few pay with their life.

Aloha Sion, I will always admire your passion for the ocean. You will be dearly missed and my heart goes out to your entire family.


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This awesome video piece on big wave surfing Buy misoprostol without prescription, from the L.A. Times follows last year’s El Niño season in Hawaii, buy misoprostol in canada, Order misoprostol no prescription, across the Pacific to Northern California for the Maverick’s contest, then South to Todos Santos.

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Buy famvir without prescription, Here’s a shot of Mavericks this morning by Luke Kilpatrick. The Half Moon Bay buoy was hovering around 15 feet at 19 seconds mid-morning, but the swell period looks to have settled in around 16 seconds now.

The forecast model shows the swell continuing to build through the afternoon, keep an eye on the real-time Half Moon Bay swell chart to see how things unfold.

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The 10th Annual Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards Buy zyban without prescription, will be given away tonight in California, in seven different categories: Ride of the Year, Biggest Wave, Monster Paddle, Monster Tube, Verizon Wipeout, Surfline Performance and Billabong Girls Performance. It has been an epic, Order zyban on internet, El Nino fueled year with a mind-blowing list of nominees. Relatively new mutant slabs, as well as legendary big wave spots are represented, discount zyban without prescription, and the performance level has become increasingly cartoonish in scale.

Of course the images and videos speak for themselves, Find discount zyban, but I’d like to entertain you with some empirical data. Of the five Ride of the Year nominations, one took place in Tahiti (barely making the deadline), buy zyban in canada, two took place in Hawaii, Buy zyban overnight delivery, and the final two took place on the very same day in California. Unfortunately, we don’t have any real-time buoy data from Tahiti, approved zyban pharmacy, but we do have access to the Waimea and Half Moon Bay buoy observations.

On December 7th, Buy zyban canada, 2009 at Waimea Bay, Mark Healey & Shane Dorian both caught the same, monstrous closeout. A day later, drug zyban, during the Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, Sale zyban, Ramon Navarro earned a perfect 100 points for his backside bomb. Looking at the Waimea Bay buoy, we can see that when the swell peaked on December 7th, the swell height was 19.4 feet at 18.2 seconds, zyban cost. The next day, the swell height actually peaked a bit higher at 19.7 feet, but at a lower period of 16.7 seconds, buy zyban without prescription. Now, Zyban in malaysia, the exact time of each ride is most likely a bit earlier than swell peak, but the wave energy for each is pretty close.

The next two nominees occurred on February 13th, 2010 at Mavericks, zyban from canada. On that day, No rx zyban, Shane Dorian earned his second Ride of the year nomination with this pre-contest barrel. Later, during the event, Grant Baker entered his name into the running. Taking a look at the Half Moon Bay buoy observations from that day, buy zyban generic, you can see there were two distinct peaks to the swell. Zyban canada, A 21.7 feet at 16.7 seconds reading was recorded at 9 a.m., and a 22 feet at 16.7 seconds observation at 2 p.m.

Now these readings are just averages, and some waves within a swell are larger than average, cheapest generic zyban, so judge the video not the data. Where to buy zyban, In addition, each location is subject to unique variables that influence wave height and shape, such as swell direction and local bathymetry, zyban online cheap. However, Buy cheap zyban online, it is interesting to see how the data stacks up, and having a visual reference from the actual day provides a tangible reference.

There’s no doubt the surf will be massive when a buoy reads 22 feet at 16.7 seconds, but what about 6 feet at 14 seconds, cheap generic zyban. Or 8 feet at 8 seconds. We’re working on implementing some features to help with this, and provide that valuable point of reference so you can begin to develop your own buoy awareness.

You may not have the gusto to glide onto the cover of Surfing when the Waimea buoy hits 16.7 feet at 20 seconds (like it did on Christmas), but at least you’ll understand what that looks like.


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