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California – Northwest Surf in the Harvest Buoy Forecast

The Harvest buoy surf forecast is showing a string of Northwest swell activity to end 2010 and kick-off 2011. The first and largest event builds through Wednesday, peaks overnight (16.4 feet at 10.1 seconds 310°), then fades slightly Thursday morning.

A Northwest reinforcement provides a slight bump on Thursday afternoon (14.8 feet at 11.1 seconds 309°) and fades through Friday.

A second West-Northwest (302°) swell is forecast to build late Saturday (11.5 feet at 13.7 seconds) and decline through Sunday. Some local wind swell energy is also forecast, mainly in the 5-second swell period range.

The most organized of these events, although a bit long-range at the moment, is forecast to steadily build through Tuesday, peaking early Wednesday morning (9.8 feet at 16.3 seconds 301°). Stay tuned to the forecast model to see how things shape up in the next few days.

For additional buoys in the region, be sure to check out our Central California and Southern California regional maps. You can also follow the Harvest buoy on Twitter (@buoy46218) for real-time reports.


The Pacific Serves up Some Brontosauras Burgers

A solid XXL swell is making is way across the Northwest Pacific, and should provide massive surf throughout the region on Tuesday. The Nelscott Reef contest has gotten a green light for Tuesday, and other XXL hunters are headed towards Northern California to give Mavericks a go. Here’s how the individual forecast models are currently shaping up…

The Stonewall Banks buoy (20 NM West of Newport, OR) peaks early Tuesday morning at a solid 23.3 feet at 17.5 seconds (278°), then slowly fades through Wednesday.

Down the coast, the Half Moon Bay buoy quickly builds during the day, with 3.3 feet at 21 second forerunners at dawn, building to 18.4 feet at 17.8 seconds (298°) by late afternoon. The surf drops slightly overnight, but still manages to produce 16.7 feet at 16.2 seconds (296°) early Wednesday morning.

Still further South, the Harvest buoy gets in on the action too, with the NW swell building quickly Tuesday evening, then peaking Wednesday morning at 17.7 feet at 17 seconds (302°).

Even the San Clemente Basin gets in on the action, with 8.2 feet at 17.5 seconds (294°) energy arriving mid-day Wednesday and lingering through Thursday.

Oh yeah, and Hawaii’s getting its first legit swell too. If the conditions are right, the HIC Pro will open to some big surf at Sunset, but there’s a chance it could actually be too much. Stay tuned to your local buoys for real-time swell data as the swell unfolds.


Northwest Action at Pipe… Shitpipe.

Generally shadowed from Northwest swells by the coastal geography, Shitpipe is one of a handful of LA County spots that manages to squeak out some surf if the size and angle are right. From the chatter in the lineup yesterday, Monday was about twice as big, but the early conditions provided light winds, a rising tide, and waves about 1-3 feet Hawaiian.

Ended up wearing a 4/3 because I’m a cold water pussy and I figured it was way better than shivering throughout the session, despite record level air temps. Big mahalo to Chris for hooking me up with a ride, a suit, a board, and a few tidbits of local knowledge.

Looking at the Harvest buoy model (@buoy46218), the current WNW swell declines through Friday, however another Northwest (306°) swell arrives over the weekend, in addition to some smaller, long-period South energy. A few more NW swells arrive early next week, with shorter periods ranging from 12-13 seconds.