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Two Down, Two to Go – Updated Outlook for the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro

The second day of the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro was completed on Friday, with a new Northwest swell providing enough juice for contestable early conditions at Pipe and Backdoor. As the day progressed, side-shore winds created challenging afternoon conditions for the riders.

The women’s event was decided, with Neymara Carvalho taking home first place, Eunate Aguirre in second, Stephanie Pettersen third, and Minami Hatekayama fourth. Two additional days of competition remain, including one to crown the men’s champion, and a second for the drop-knee and bodysurfing specialty events.

Looking at the Waimea Bay buoy forecast model, the current swell will continue to decline through the weekend. Surf will be biggest early Saturday morning (3.3 feet at 12.5 seconds 309°). The swell direction is favorable, but swell size will be smaller than Friday. Light winds may give way to sea breezes in the afternoon.

Surf continues to decline in both height and swell period on Sunday (2.3 feet at 11.2 seconds 311°). Enjoy your Saturday night, because it’s not going to happen.

A new North-Northwest swell builds on Monday, however it is a holiday here in Hawaii, and the contest is unable to run due to permit restrictions. That swell peaks overnight into Tuesday (5.9 feet at 11.9 seconds 337°), then declines through Wednesday.

Now that the current Northwest swell has cleaned things up a bit, the 337° angle has much more Pipe and Backdoor potential. Tuesday’s winds are also looking favorable at the moment, with light East winds forecast. Beyond Tuesday, things just get smaller through the end of the week, and Friday is the last day of the holding period.

Our bet is that the specialty events run tomorrow, and the final day of the men’s event goes Tuesday. Check out the IBA World Tour website for contest results and updates.


The 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro is ON today, but not at Pipeline or Backdoor. The North angle of the swell

The 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro is ON today, but not at Pipeline or Backdoor. The North angle of the swell is pushing the Ehukai sandbar back towards Gums, and a strong rip current is running directly through the Pipeline lineup. Organizers have opted to run the first three rounds of competition at the beach park, where the conditions are much more contestable. Watch the event live on the IBA World Tour site.

A new swell is already showing on the Northwest Hawaii buoy (9 feet at 16 seconds NNW), so hopefully it can work some magic overnight and push the sand back towards Pupukea. Day two is looking like a go for Friday.


The latest Waimea Bay buoy forecast shows a promising 13-second Northwest swell (321°) for next Mond

The latest Waimea Bay buoy forecast shows a promising 13-second Northwest swell (321°) for next Monday, February 21st. Let’s see how things develop over the next few days.

Meanwhile, the trials of the 2011 IBA Pipeline Pro were completed yesterday at Sandy Beach. Check out the IBA site for a full list of competitors that advanced into the main event.


Hurricane Earl Flirts With The East Coast

Hurricane Earl is now a category 3 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 110 knots. The storm is forecast to continue North, but expected to remain just offshore of the Eastern seaboard. Immediate effects of the storm are being observed on the Southwestern Atlantic buoy (@buoy41043), with primary swell wave heights of 24.6 feet being reported as of 3 p.m. Eastern time.

The Cape Canaveral model (@buoy41010) shows a sharp increase in surf on Wednesday, with wave heights predicted to peak mid-day on Thursday (18.4 feet at 14.1 seconds 86°).

Looking further up the coast, surf on the Masonboro Inlet buoy (@buoy41110) is forecast to rise sharply from the Southeast on Thursday afternoon, peaking overnight (9.5 feet at 15.4 seconds 117°) then rapidly declining on Friday.

And a bit further North in New Jersey, wave heights on Buoy 44009 (26 NM Southeast of Cape May, NJ) are modeled to steadily increase Wednesday through Friday, providing some very contestable surf for the USBA Jenks Pro, which runs September 1st – 7th.