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Hurricane Igor Ushers in More Atlantic Surf

Could this be mere coincidence, or some greater forces at work!?

Looks like the South Atlantic buoy (@buoy41044) is about to get slammed with near 30-foot swell wave heights, which means significant wave heights will be even bigger. A peek at the offshore Cape Canaveral buoy (@buoy41010) model shows a similar pattern, with a solid East swell building through the weekend, rotating towards a more Northeasterly swell direction as it subsides.

The Masonboro Inlet (@buoy41110) model has the swell peaking Sunday morning at 6.2 feet at 16 seconds (ESE 114°), then quickly declining through Monday.

While the Montauk Point (@buoy44017) forecast peaks a few hours later at 9.8 feet at 15.3 seconds (SE 140°).


Hurricane Earl Flirts With The East Coast

Hurricane Earl is now a category 3 storm, with maximum sustained winds of 110 knots. The storm is forecast to continue North, but expected to remain just offshore of the Eastern seaboard. Immediate effects of the storm are being observed on the Southwestern Atlantic buoy (@buoy41043), with primary swell wave heights of 24.6 feet being reported as of 3 p.m. Eastern time.

The Cape Canaveral model (@buoy41010) shows a sharp increase in surf on Wednesday, with wave heights predicted to peak mid-day on Thursday (18.4 feet at 14.1 seconds 86°).

Looking further up the coast, surf on the Masonboro Inlet buoy (@buoy41110) is forecast to rise sharply from the Southeast on Thursday afternoon, peaking overnight (9.5 feet at 15.4 seconds 117°) then rapidly declining on Friday.

And a bit further North in New Jersey, wave heights on Buoy 44009 (26 NM Southeast of Cape May, NJ) are modeled to steadily increase Wednesday through Friday, providing some very contestable surf for the USBA Jenks Pro, which runs September 1st – 7th.