S. CA – Small Southerly Surf, Bigger Next Week?

The Point Loma South buoy forecast shows an increasing short-period swell from the WNW this afternoon, which peaks overnight then fades through Thursday. Swell wave heights are forecast to reach 8.5 feet at 1:00 a.m. tomorrow, with smaller long-period South and Southwest swell components also in the water.

As the WNW swell fades, look for a new South pulse to build through Thursday from 190°. Expect energy to be 2 feet at 14.8 seconds by mid-day, with swell heights holding through Friday as the swell period drops off into the 13-second range.

The South swell continues to decline into the weekend, with a Southwest pulse forecast to increase through Sunday into Monday. The direction of this swell will be a bit more West (219°), and looks to peak early Monday at 2 feet at 15 seconds. Additional Southerly components are in the water, but provide pretty minimal energy with 1-1.3 foot wave heights.

The most substantial SSW pulse during the next 7-days is forecast to arrive next Wednesday. This is a bit long-range for the model, but it’s currently calling for 3 feet at 14.4 seconds from 200°. Keep an eye on the Point Loma South forecast to see how things shape up over the next few days.

Overall, small surf from the South over the next week, but there’s a chance for some bigger stuff on the 20th. Check out our map of all available buoys in the Southern California region to locate free 7-day forecasts and real-time wave conditions from a buoy near you.