S. CA – Fading SSW / Short-Period Windswell

The current long-period SSW swell continues to fade today, with biggest (little) conditions early. The Point Loma South buoy is still reporting steady 15.4 second energy, but swell heights are only about 2-feet and on the way down.

As far as significant groundswell goes, there isn’t any in the forecast through the next seven days. Tuesday through Thursday are showing some short-period wind swell from the WNW, with wind wave heights ranging between 5-7 feet. The pattern holds for a few days before increasing in intensity on Friday.

The wind swell tries to organize a bit headed into the weekend, with 9.7-second swell periods forecast for late Friday, but then fizzles quickly on Saturday, with swell heights dropping from 8 feet to just over 4 feet by Sunday morning. There is a touch of background South, but the 1-foot swell heights aren’t anything to get excited about.

Sunday, well, there’s a whole lot of nothing to report. The WNW wind swell begins to lose steam and a mixture of SSE, SSW, and SW groundswell is too small to make an impact. Don’t feel bad about sleeping in on Sunday, you won’t be missing anything.