Something Brewing in the Atlantic

A strong NE swell develops over the next few days in the Atlantic, pushing surf down the Atlantic seaboard Friday through Sunday. Below is a chart showing the significant wave height and direction for Saturday, November 13th.

The swell will become more organized (and larger) as it travels down the coast. The buoy 54 NM Southeast of Nantucket (@buoy44008) is forecast to peak Wednesday night at 17.4 feet at 9.5 seconds (50°), and slowly decline through Sunday.

The swell will focus a good chunk of its energy on the Cape Hatteras buoy (@buoy41001), which increases steadily Wednesday through Friday, peaking at 23 feet at 13.8 seconds (47°).

The Cape Canaveral buoy (@buoy41010) also sees some 13-second energy, but only 16.4 feet, and it won’t peak until Saturday morning. The NE swell then fades slowly through Monday.

Check out our Atlantic Northeast, Atlantic Southeast, and Florida maps for additional buoys in the region.