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The Tahitian mega-swell Buy patanol without prescription, is making its way across the Pacific at the moment, with 25-second SSW (201°) forerunners expected to reach the Point Loma buoy by Wednesday. Wave heights will continue to rise through Thursday as the swell fills, cheap patanol pill, Price of patanol, with solid 20-17 second swell periods expected through Friday.

Given the tremendous amount of energy this swell is packing, the forecast remains favorable throughout the entire holiday weekend, patanol purchase, Order cheap patanol, with conditions of 3 feet at 15 seconds persisting through Monday. Expect the swell to peak late Thursday into Friday, with primary swell conditions forecast to reach 4 feet at 18 seconds.

Looking back into the Spring, buy patanol no rx, Buy patanol from india, the Point Loma buoy reported conditions of 7 feet at 17 seconds on May 19th, 2011, drug patanol, Canada patanol, and on June 1st the station reported primary swell conditions of 5 feet at 17 seconds. Based on the forecast, it looks like this week’s surf will likely fall between both in size, patanol online without prescription, Buy patanol low price, although we’ll have to wait for the real-time data to be sure.

Keep an eye on the Point Loma buoy (@buoy46232) starting Wednesday as the long-period forerunners begin to fill-in, buy patanol in us, Patanol vendors, and get ready for a solid 5 days of surf!

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