Opening Day at Pipeline (Updated)

We had a hunch the WNW direction would be favorable for Pipe, and by the looks of Sunday evening, I’d say we were right.

Check out Surfline’s 24-Hour Notice piece on the swell, especially slide number four, where a bodyboarder is getting absolutely slotted on Sunday evening as 2nd reef feathers behind him.

With the Triple Crown officially kicking off today, here’s a quick tip for all of you visiting surfers, photographers, and surf industry types. Don’t be too enthusiastic to shout “I just got in last night!” at your buddy in the line-up, unless you want to get burned by an actual Haleiwa resident the rest of your session.

**Update** just launched a new “bundle” service. Figured we’d give it a shot and bundle a bunch of links from the first Pipe swell of the season. If you have any suggestions, email us.