O’Neill World Cup… of Kammies?

The dismal forecast for the second event of the Triple Crown continues, and now looks to stretch right through the remainder of the holding period. Event organizers are planning on finishing the competition Wednesday and Thursday, with simultaneous heats at Kammies and Val’s Reef:

As a result, when competition does resume, heats will run simultaneously at two breaks: Kammies, to the west of the traditional Sunset lineup, and Val’s Reef, the shallower reef inside of the main Sunset break. Three men’s rounds are scheduled to run tomorrow, with the final day of both men’s and women’s surfing set for Thursday.

With the Billabong Pipe Masters slated to kick-off its waiting period on December 8th, it might not hurt to start making some offerings in hopes of jump starting this La Niña Winter season.

The Waimea Bay buoy forecast continues to show a building NE wind swell that slowly declines through next week, with a slight NNW bump (2.3 feet at 14.5 seconds 331°) filling Monday-Tuesday.

Photo via ASP