Morning Hours on the North Shore

You can’t really see it, but this guy’s shirt says “Wat Evahs.” As in: “Nevamind dis spot, stay too beeg alredy.” “Ho, spock dat corner bowl!” “Watevahs, das all you cuz’.”

Meanwhile… outside Logs was cracking. More rooster tails than a Waialua cockfight.

If scraping over 20-foot outer reef bombs isn’t your thing, there’s always scraping the shoreline for Kauai sunrises. Lots of water and sand getting moved around right now, the rocks on the Ke Iki side of Shark’s Cove were completely submerged.

This left breaks directly across from Shark’s Cove Grill when it gets big, and it’s perfect for a mind surf. Reality is a different story though. There’s something about flying out of a gaping barrel and straight into razor sharp, urchin covered reef that’s kind of a bummer. Even with the fire station within screaming distance, no takers.

Secret spot.

Waimea is one of the few spots that you can drop in and avoid catching cracks. There’s power in numbers. No guarantees though, cracks have a knack for finding those who deserve them.

Holy shit, I got a wave to mysel… never mind.

That’s more like it.


Looks like the swell’s gonna stick around for a minute. Try sample @buoy51201 and @buoy51101 for da kine stuffs. Bumbye you learn.