Hawaii – Will Sand Be A Factor at the Pipe Masters?

The O’Neill World Cup is finishing up today at Boneyards, having received little love from the Northwest Pacific storm track. With building NE trade winds, this moderate-period swell (10-seconds) actually came up a bit overnight, providing some fun morning conditions at spots like Laniakea and Log Cabins.

Monday will see a small increase from the NNW (2.3 feet at 15.1 seconds 329°), as a new groundswell fills in and mixes with local wind swell and a small Northerly component.

A moderate NNW swell builds Tuesday, but quickly turns North (357°) as it peaks on Wednesday. This could wreak havoc at Pipeline as it will likely push sand back onto the reef, just in time for the Billabong Pipe Masters, which begins its holding period on the 8th.

Typically a large NW swell is enough to set things straight again, but we’re closing in on 3 weeks since that happened, and La Niña is a pretty mysterious young lady. At the rate this Winter season is going, the first round of competition will likely be affected by the sand.

It could be the first year the Triple Crown champion surfs Kammies, Val’s, Boneyards, Gums and Off-The-Wall.