Hawaii – Fading NNW and New SSW Late Thursday

A North-Northwest swell peaked overnight on the Waimea Bay buoy, and is forecast to decline through Monday. Surf will be biggest this morning, with @buoy51201 reporting swell conditions of 3.9 feet at 12.5 seconds at 6:12 a.m.

A NNW reinforcement is forecast to peak early Tuesday at 3.6 feet at 11.9 seconds, from a more Northerly direction (339°). That swell declines through Tuesday, giving way to primarily flat conditions for North facing shores through the end of the week.

Looking South, there’s a SSW (192°) swell forecast to peak on the SSW Hilo, HI buoy on Thursday afternoon at 3.6 feet at 15.0 seconds. This long-period event should produce overhead conditions for South facing shores on Friday, before fading into the weekend.

As the North Pacific begins to produce fewer storms, and swell activity shifts into the Southern hemisphere, we recommend tracking the SSW Hilo and SW Honolulu buoys for real-time, offshore wave conditions.

Unfortunately the Lanai buoy is down at the moment, but Barbers Point is a good alternative for real-time, near-shore observations. We have also compiled a list on Twitter of the Hawaii Summer buoys, which is useful for tracking South swells in real-time.