Hawaii – Surf in Town & Country

After a quiet weekend that saw primarily wind swell and a touch of SSW ground swell, things are starting to look a lot better, with waves for both South and North shores through the week.

The SSW of Hilo, HI buoy (@buoy51002) forecast is showing an increasing South groundswell, and is currently reporting 17.4 second forerunners. This swell will continue to build through Wednesday, peaking at 2.6 feet and holding through Thursday.

Buoy 51002 is located 215 NM SSW of Hilo, so these reports provide a bit of lead time for Oahu. To track real-time, near-shore conditions on Oahu, we recommend following the Barbers Point buoy (@buoy51204) or the Kilo Nalu Observatory (@buoyKNOH1). Unfortunately the Lanai buoy is currently offline and hasn’t reported in six days.

Looking North, the Waimea Bay buoy (@buoy51201) forecast shows a large Northwest swell hitting late Wednesday and peaking overnight. The swell will provide solid long-period energy through Thursday (9.5 feet at 14.9 seconds 315°), then decline into the weekend.

The long-range forecast shows another NW pulse next Monday (April 4th). Keep an eye on the forecast to see how this swell develops during the next few days.

The strong and gusty trade winds have backed off, and a moderate Easterly flow continues through the week. The pattern looks stable at the moment, and the extended forecast shows the winds tapering off even more during the weekend.