Hawaii Forecast – Fading NW & NE Wind Swell

Northern shores are continuing to see Northwest action from Sunday’s swell, with swell periods lingering in the 13-second range. The Waimea Bay buoy reported swell conditions of 3.9 feet at 13.3 seconds at 9:12 a.m. HST. Conditions are a bit windy at the moment, but head-high to overhead sets can be expected today on the North Shore.

A small Northwest reinforcement is forecast for Thursday, peaking overnight before fading into the weekend. Thursday will also see a slight bump from the Northeast, as short-period wind swell energy peaks at 6.2 feet at 8.7 seconds (44°). Expect wave heights similar to Wednesday, with continued strong Northeast winds.

Both swell components decline into the weekend, as the Northwest swell slowly fades through Saturday, and the wind swell energy eases as Northeast winds begin to back off. The strong wind pattern that we’ve been experiencing eases over the weekend, with light-to-moderate Northeast winds forecast for Monday through Wednesday. Not much surf to be had over the weekend, with the best bet for any size being early Saturday morning.

No substantial swells appear in the forecast through Tuesday, although the Northwest Hawaii (@buoy51101) forecast is showing potential 22-second forerunner energy from the Northwest on Wednesday, March 30th. Check the Northwest Hawaii forecast model in a few days to see how this swell pulls together.