Hawaii – Northwest Swells and a Southwest Front

Fun-sized conditions on the North Shore today, with a mix of NNE (27°) and NW (310°) energy currently in the water. As the day progresses, look for a new Northwest (306°) swell to slowly fill through the afternoon.

That new Northwest swell is forecast to peak early Thursday morning at 5.2 feet at 14.0 seconds (305°), providing overhead-plus surf throughout the day. Winds are looking good in the morning with a Southeast angle expected, turning more Southerly as a front approaches.

Friday will see strong Southwest winds, turning more Westerly throughout the day. The Northwest swell lingers (4.3 feet at 11.9 seconds 305°), but conditions at most spots will likely be sloppy and blown.

Looking ahead to next Tuesday, another fun-sized Northwest swell is forecast (3.3 feet at 12.9 seconds 306°), slowly declining through Wednesday. Light East winds should provide favorable offshore conditions.

Tomorrow morning is the call through the next 7-days, solid long-period energy and favorable winds will make the early session a keeper. For real-time wave and meteorological reports from the Waimea Bay buoy, follow @buoy51201 on Twitter.