Hawaii – Overhead+ Northwest Swell Sunday

A new Northwest swell builds late Saturday into Sunday, providing solid long-period surf (6.2 feet at 16.9 seconds 314°). The swell is a bit more West than last week’s, but not nearly as big. Look for stiff Easterly trade winds to provide gusty, offshore conditions.

There’s a lot of energy behind this swell, and it will continue to provide overhead surf through Monday (5.9 feet at 14.3 seconds 312°), turning slightly more West as it declines.

The swell continues to provide fun conditions Tuesday (4.9 feet at 12.5 seconds 314°), as a Northeast wind swell begins to increase in size. Definitely one of the longer lasting March swells, which is good news for the Spring Breakers.

A smaller Northwest swell is currently projected to build Thursday into Friday of next week, with strong Easterly winds also forecast. Keep an eye on the Northwest Hawaii buoy tomorrow afternoon. The dominant East wind swell may mask the incoming swell a bit, but 20-second periods are forecast to hit @buoy51101 around 1 p.m. HST, perhaps even earlier.