Hawaii – Fun Surf for Both Town and Country

The forecast through the next 7-days shows fun-sized surf for both the South and North shores of Hawaii. Currently, there is a moderate-period SSW swell being reported by the Barbers Point buoy. As of 8:52 a.m., swell conditions were 2.6 feet at 15.4 seconds (199°). The forecast for Buoy 51002 (SSW of Hilo, HI) shows continued 13-second energy through today, before fading on Tuesday.

There is also a Northwest swell currently in the water, and it is forecast to build through Monday into Tuesday, peaking early Tuesday morning at 4.6 feet at 11.1 seconds, before fading throughout the day.

A mixture of short to moderate-period North and Northwest energy is forecast for Wednesday through Thursday. The North (352°) component will be dominant, with 2.3 feet at 10.5 second energy forecast.

The South shores will fare better, with a new SSW pulse forecast to build throughout the day (2 feet at 13.5 seconds 195°), but look for wave heights to fade pretty quickly on this one.

Heading into the weekend, another South pulse is forecast to arrive Saturday (2.3 feet at 13.5 seconds 190°) and linger through Sunday. There is also another NNW swell forecast to build late Saturday into Sunday (3.6 feet at 12.8 seconds 330°), then taper off slowly into next week.

Overall, a mixture of waist to head-high surf through the week. The Northwest pulses will likely produce a bit more oomph, both today and Sunday, but Town shores should also see fun conditions throughout the week as well.