HI – Fun-Sized Surf Prevails. South Swell Peaks Thurs.

Spring-time conditions prevail on the Northern shores, with small to moderate Northwest swells continuing to appear in the forecast. At the moment, a new Northwest swell is on the rise, with the Northwest Hawaii buoy reporting swell conditions of 6.9 feet at 12.1 seconds. Look for the surf to build throughout Tuesday before fading out Wednesday.

On Wednesday, the SW of Honolulu buoy forecast shows an increasing long-period South swell (190°) of 3 feet at 17.6 seconds. Look for Southern shores to see increasing surf heights Wednesday afternoon into the evening, with overhead surf during the swell’s peak. For real-time nearshore reports, we recommend watching the Barbers Point buoy, which is already reporting some healthy long-period energy.

Moving into the weekend, another Northwest bump is forecast to peak overnight on Friday, providing small surf from 316° on Saturday before fading on Sunday.

A similar sized Northwest swell builds late Sunday into Monday, and is forecast to bring 3 feet at 11 second energy (313°) to kick off the week. Each of these swells will likely bring waist to shoulder-high surf at their peaks.

In summary, consistent, fun-sized surf for both North and South shores through the rest of the week. Look for Southern shores to see the most action late Wednesday into Thursday, and bring a longboard if you decide to head North.