Hawaii – Solid NNW Surf this Wednesday

It’s early in the season, but it seems like La Nina is making the Northwest Pacific a bit lazy this year. Despite a quick series of swells at the beginning of Autumn, it’s been a slow Fall in Hawaii. We’ve been staying busy on 9’ logs and fooling around on Wegener alai’as.

Thankfully a sizable NNW swell is currently on its way towards Hawaii. Keep an eye on the Northwest Hawaii buoy (@buoy51101) late Tuesday to help gauge actual arrival time and size, as well as the Waimea Bay buoy (@buoy51201) for long-period forerunners.

The swell builds throughout the day Wednesday, peaking overnight at 8.9 feet at 13.8 seconds (342°), before declining through Friday.

Here’s a detailed look at the Waimea Bay buoy model during Wednesday, October 20th. The surf is forecast to be 3.9 feet at 14.9 seconds in the early morning…

…but quickly builds throughout the a.m., reaching 6.2 feet at 14.5 seconds by mid-day…

…then continues to build into the evening, reaching 8.2 feet at 14 seconds by dusk.

Look for surf heights to hold through Thursday morning, with conditions similar to those on Wednesday evening (8.9 feet at 13.2 seconds).

The surf slowly declines Thursday, becoming more Northerly as it continues to fade through Friday.

Looking a bit further out, the forecast for next weekend currently shows a moderate NW (327°) swell. Stay tuned to the forecast model as the week progresses to see how this swell develops.