Hawaii – Possible Pipe Swell?

The Waimea Bay buoy is currently reporting 16.7-second forerunners for tomorrow’s new NNW swell. The forecast calls for a Monday morning peak of 5.2 feet at 14.1 seconds from 330°, we’ll call it 4-6 feet Hawaiian.

The previous pulse of large Northerly surf has dumped a bunch of sand along the Ehukai stretch from the lifeguard tower through Rockpiles. This new swell is more West than the previous, which should provide an interesting twist on the sandbars tomorrow morning.

In the long-range, the forecast also shows the first true NW swell of the season next Monday (11/15), with a swell direction of 309°. According to the Northwest Hawaii buoy forecast, the swell should provide 13.8 feet at 15 seconds (306°) energy.

We’ll have to see what the sand does during the upcoming week and how this swell develops, but the size and direction both look favorable for Pipe.