Hawaii – First NNW Swell of the 2011-2012 Season

The first north-northwest swell of the 2011-2012 Hawaii season is on its way! Conditions build quickly throughout the day on Thursday, peak early Friday morning (5 feet at 12 seconds 341°), then slowly decline into the weekend.

Swell direction remains steady throughout the duration (341° – 344°), so spots that favor the NNW angle (and aren’t subject to early season sickness), will likely be the best bet.

There’s also another healthy dose of south swell on its way, although nowhere near last week’s size. Expect long-period forerunners in the 18-second range to fill in on Friday, with swell heights building into Sunday, peaking at 3.5 feet at 14.6 seconds (SSW, 192°).

Definitely a lot of surf on tap next weekend for both town and country!