Hawaii – Advisory Level Surf is Coming

I know, it’s pretty early in the season still, but the largest swell we’ve seen so far is currently forecast to arrive in Hawaii on Tuesday, November 2nd.

The Waimea Bay forecast model has held up, with a 15.4 feet at 16.6 second NNW (340°) swell peaking mid-morning, and likely providing advisory level surf through Wednesday, possibly Thursday.

Moderate ENE winds are currently being forecast for Tue-Wed, so while it may be a bit windy, the direction is definitely favorable.

Looking at the Northwest Hawaii forecast, the swell peaks 8-hours earlier at 18.4 feet at 16.5 seconds (346°), but surf heights remain above 10 feet through mid-day Wednesday.

For real-time swell conditions, follow @buoy51101 on Twitter, and be sure to watch for long-period forerunners from the North starting Monday afternoon.