N. California – The Northwest Roller Coaster

The Half Moon Bay buoy model is looking like roller coaster this week, with back-to-back-to-back-to-back surf from the Northwest. Currently, a mixture of short-period NW (309°) and long-period SSW (194°) declines through Tuesday.

After a moderate bump up on Wednesday, a powerful WNW swell arrives on Thursday, peaking in the morning at 8.9 feet at 14.4 seconds (303°).

A more Westerly reinforcement arrives on Friday, with slightly larger wave heights and a slightly smaller period (10.5 feet at 12.0 seconds 288°).

The surf briefly dips overnight into Saturday, but a third swell builds throughout the day, peaking at 12.1 feet at 11.4 seconds (290°) in the evening, before quickly dropping through Sunday. Background South energy will be in the water through the week, but most prominent Saturday through Sunday when it peaks at 2.6 feet at 16.8 seconds (196°).

Looking into next Monday, October 25th, there’s another solid WNW swell in the forecast. Let’s see how the model develops in a few days.

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