…Got Plenty Not Too Much of Nothing

Well, that’s not entirely true, but the Hawaii forecast for the upcoming week isn’t nearly as stellar as it has been. The steady string of Northwest energy that marked the beginning of Fall looks to have stalled slightly, with the current NNW swell declining through Sunday.

The Waimea Buoy is currently 4.3 feet at 10.5 seconds, a bit smaller than the forecasted peak. Look for surf to decline sharply on Sunday, with a building trade wind component taking over by mid-week.

The next swell builds through Thursday, packing a limited 11-second punch that peaks in the evening at 4.3 feet at 11 seconds (328°).

Things look marginally better for next Saturday, when a reinforcement is forecast to provide additional NNW energy to the tune of 5.6 feet at 11 seconds.

Definitely enough energy in the forecast to provide some fun, rideable surf, but no postcard-worthy moments in the next seven days. Stay tuned to the buoy models as the week progresses to see how things develop.