Aloha Sion

Sion Milosky tragically drown on Wednesday while surfing Mavericks, after falling on a set wave and suffering a two-wave hold down. Chris Killen, a videographer who witnessed Sion’s final wave, published a chilling account of the wipeout and the events that followed it. It is utterly heartbreaking to read.

I last saw Sion at my house about a week ago. He was cooking his very first turkey and stopped by to grab fresh herbs from the garden. We chatted about the buoys, then I asked him if he’d be interested in holding onto my paddleboard after I moved to California. I couldn’t think of a better person to give it to. We had talked about doing the Molokai race last year, but there are a lot of logistics involved, and we didn’t pull it together in time. I figured this year he’d at least have a board, so he could train and do the shorter races, then be ready for a relay or even solo Molokai attempt. He was psyched on the idea.

This morning I grabbed the paddleboard from where it was stored and brought it to the house, so it would be ready for Si to pick up during his next visit. By this evening it had become an eerie sight in the backyard and a stark reality check. As surfers continue to push the limits of both their skill and equipment, the risks continue to escalate as well. The ocean has a knack for humbling even the most confident watermen. Most end up battered and bruised with a crazy story to share, or a “greatest wipeouts” profile on Surfline. The unfortunate few pay with their life.

Aloha Sion, I will always admire your passion for the ocean. You will be dearly missed and my heart goes out to your entire family.