A Classic Day at Ocean Beach

The 2011 San Francisco Bodysurf Classic saw gray skies, challenging conditions, and a lone, brave speedo. In the true spirit of bodysurfing, the Classic turned out to be more celebration than competition, with an overwhelming turnout where everybody made the finals.

Once the onshore side-shore offshore onshore spray settled, the results were in: Mark Cunningham (1st), Joe Sloggy (2nd, in Speedos!), and Jeff Denholm (3rd). Blake Corbin received the Best Barrel award, and Judith Sheridan received the Legend Award.

The lasting image of the Classic however, happened after the winners left the podium. As most people packed up and headed for pizza, in an effort to escape the building wind and rain, Mark Cunningham zipped up his wetsuit and led a group of dedicated gliders back into the Ocean Beach shorebreak for another session. “Are you going back out?” I asked. “Isn’t that what we’re here for?” He replied.

Big mahalo to Danny Hess (who has a few mahalos of his own) for putting the event together and uniting the bodysurfing tribe for a classic day in San Francisco! For more coverage, check out Bruce Jenkins article for the SF Chronicle.