Surf Forecast for the 2011 Lowers Pro

The 2011 Lowers Pro gets underway tomorrow and runs through Saturday at Lower Trestles, with 27 of the top 32 surfers in the world set to compete during the next five days. Let’s take a look at the Oceanside Offshore forecast to see how the conditions are shaping up for the event. 

A long-period SSW swell is forecast to build through Tuesday, with a bit of short-period West energy also in the mix. The model is calling for 1.6 feet at 14.0 seconds (194°) at 8:00 a.m. PST. Nothing substantial, but at least there’s some groundswell to work with.

Wednesday sees a slight bump up in swell height, as the swell rotates to a slightly more Southerly direction and the swell period begins to fall off (2 feet at 13.4 seconds 188°). There is also a 17.4-second Southwest swell forecast, but it doesn’t even hit 1-foot. A mixture of small, short-period West wind swell will also be in the water.

The South swell continues to produce 2-foot surf on Thursday, with a sustained Southerly direction (187°) and declining swell period. More long-period South and Southwest swells also appear, but fail to hit 1-foot.

On Friday, the fading South (1.6 feet at 11.7 seconds 185°) gets a SSW reinforcement (1.3 feet at 16.1 seconds 205°). The short-period West energy still lingers around, but it’s barely registering at 0.7 feet at 4.9 seconds.

Friday, the final day of competition, sees similar conditions to Thursday, with a combination of SSW and South swells, and an increasing short-period West. The SSW swell dominates with forecast conditions of 1.6 feet at 16.3 seconds (204°).

During the holding period, it looks like Wednesday will likely be biggest, with swell heights not breaking the 2-foot barrier throughout the event. Definitely contestable, but nowhere near epic. The field is capable of ripping apart anything that breaks though, so expect them to make the most of the waist to shoulder-high surf.

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Photo: Hilleman via