Second Layday in Tahiti. Forecast Remains Pants-Shitable.

Papeete, Tahiti - Surf Forecast

Not sure how much relaxation is happening on this 2011 Billabong Pro Tahiti layday when the forecast looks like this. A moderate South swell fills today, with light winds through Tuesday. Then stronger SSE-SE winds blow in on Wednesday, ahead of the poo-your-pants SSW (10 feet at 14 seconds) that hits Thursday-Friday. Then the winds turn a more favorable East, right before the really-shit-your-pants SSW (15 feet at 18 seconds) that hits Saturday-Sunday.

If u must watch #Billabongpro during this big swell: Learn mindsurfing 4 all the empty waves. u gonna see a LOT of em.

Jamie O’Brien (@whoisjob)

Be sure to tune in to the exciting webcast later this week to see (a) if the organizers have the bravado to run this thing in macking Teahupo’o, and (b) which of the ASP elite has the balls to tackle said beast head-on while avoiding a full-body fire-coral loofa session.