2011 Billabong Pico Alto Set To Run Thursday

The second event of the 2011 Big Wave World Tour is set to run this Thursday, August 11 at Pico Alto, Punta Hermosa beach, about 43 km south of Lima. Some of the best big-wave surfers in the world are headed to Peru, with solid 30-foot faces and good conditions in the forecast.

With a solid long period swell on the way with great direction and light winds, Pico Alto will provide some excellent waves for this year’s event. While not quite as big as last year, the quality looks to be better and we can expect a very high level of big wave performance surfing.

– Big Wave World Tour Director Gary Linden

Marcos Monteiro is currently leading the BWWT after his victory at Punta de Lobos, with fellow South Americans Ramon Navarro and Gabriel Villaran on his heels. The 2011 invitee list also includes 2010 BWWT champion Jamie Sterling, as well as Peter Mel, Greg Long, Carlos Burle, Mark Healey, and Kohl Christensen.