Eddie Won’t Go in 2010

The holding period for the 2010 Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau officially ends on Monday, February 28th. Except for a close call in late January, Waimea never reached the consistent 20+ foot event requirement, and the forecast through Monday is nowhere near that threshold. As a result, the Eddie will not be held this year.

It looks like Spring is creeping around the corner, with significantly less swell activity, particularly from the Northwest direction. Not much action to report in the Waimea Bay buoy forecast. Currently the surf is on the decline, and will remain small throughout the weekend.

A fresh North-Northeast swell is forecast to build late Sunday, peaking Monday morning at 5.2 feet at 12.2 seconds (25°). There’s also a sneaky little Northwest component filling as well (2.6 feet at 13.4 seconds 308°). Given the moderate 12-13 second swell periods, look for combo swell conditions to dominate, with building Northeast trade winds forecast through the day.

Another small Northwest bump peaks early Wednesday (3 feet at 11 seconds 311°), with moderate East-Northeast trade winds forecast. Overall, nothing substantial through next week, mostly fun-sized stuff with good conditions and a stabilizing trade wind pattern.